About us

Mantovana Servizi is currently located in 2 headquarters, both in the town of Viadana, province of Mantova. They are in the industrial zone called Gerbolina, one in Via Gerbolina 28 and one in Via M. D'Antona, on the corner of Via M. Biagi.

Mantovana Servizi is an authorized demolition centre. After completing the administrative practice of deleting in the Public Automobile Register, here trucks are cleaned from all dangerous and poisonous elements, then demolished to obtain scraps and spare parts. The spare parts are sorted for sale, provided that they are of suitable quality; if not, they are put aside as scrap.

Besides demolition there is our long-term trading business of trucks and industrial vehicles:from vans to road tractors, from tip-up trucks to concrete mixers, from semi-trailer cambered trucks to vacuum trucks, as far as trucks with custom set-up (transport of vehicles, cranes, tank trucks), our range of offers you the broadest choice with a values for money that can always satisfy the different needs of our customers.

Everything happens in our advanced premises, fitted with moving cranes, chargers, cleaning stations, hydraulic press, overhead travelling and lifter cranes, as well as a large showroom, always working efficiency with respect for the environment and safety, offering our customer - 80 years later - our valuable service, accurate and fast, characterized by:

  • the advantages of today’s technologies
  • the honesty and reliability of old days

This is the history of the people whoin the 30' years, between many difficulties and the scepticism of the people, began with four trade tools to demolish trucks. There were no trailer mounted self-propelled, bridge, chargers, presses, but arms, legs and a world of ideas and so much will to do. Ideas and intent continued with fatigue, seriousness, spirit of sacrifice, generosity of spirit and honesty.

There was no type of advertising, there were no phones, there was no Internet, but soon the people who needed a replacement or a truck bargain, it began to search that city by the strange name called "Viadana" in the province of Mantova, that it is hardly possible understood if it was the name of a city or the name of a street, because it was said around that there were two good people, Enrico and Anita, with which he placed himself always agree on price and, more importantly, how paying.

In subsequent decades Internet continued to exist not, yet was the talking between people who bought a good price, paid how could, they felt he was treated with honesty and respect, to be new people and the word of mouth of new people, was to get other people yet.

A life made of hard work, honesty, sacrifices: today we are the result.

Different technologies, different structures, but same intent: if the tools to change and they throw because it is no more good, the sound principles no, because if good, good still remaine.