Demolition and putting in safety

Demolition and putting in safe of vehicle, truck trailers and carying out of administrative deleting pratices with the public automobile registry. Release of demolition's certificate expected by art. 46 of d.l.vo 22/97 and following changes and art. 5 of d.l.vo 209/03 and following integrations. Activities authorized by Executive Act No. PD / 1831 issued by the Province of Mantua - Environment Sector - on 13.11.2014

PD 840 - 24/09/2020

Vehicle and truck trailer recovery

Vehicle and truck trailers designed to demolition recover by truck tractor marked down provided with pulley that allow loadinf of even not working trucks and even if provided with huge (height and width) set up. Subscription n. mi001664/o with national register for ambiental managing - renewed Lombardy regional branch with prot- n- mi61900/2016 of 08/11/2016 'category 5' 'F class' for gathering and transport of dangerous garbage 16.01.04* out of order vehicle and implemented with prot. n. 61985/2016 of 11.08.2016 for the collection and transport of waste 16.01.06 "life vehicles, containing neither liquids nor other hazardous components".

Prot. n. 61900/2016 - 08/11/2016

Prot. n. 61985/2016 - 08/11/2016

Esportazione mezzi

Trucks, truck tractors, truck trailers and truck semi-trailers export with direct delivery nearby the boarding harbour and handling of customs pratices. Chances to supply the best budget plan for hiring costs thanks to the direct relationship with the major sailing companies working in the most important port centers of the center-north Italy (Genova - Livorno - La Spezia - Marghera - Trieste - Monfalcone - Chioggia - Ravenna).

Spare parts export

Spare parts export with loading nearby our headquarters of container from 40 and 20 feet open top, box, flat rack.