Motor pump unit

Customization can be done according to customer’s needs with engines with power ranging from 120 HP to 360 HP, and Rovatti mono- and multiturning pumps for irrigation and sewage scatter. On customer demand we can apply other pump types and models.

The engine-pump combination is done by an elastic joint and is the outcome of a careful check of engines and pumps technical features, in order to always offer the best performance to our customers with the least fuel consumption.

Dolly motopump with tank capability from 530 lt. to 700 lt
Dolly motopump with tank capability from 530 lt. to 700 lt. Elcos electronic control box with revolution counter to monitor water temperature, oil pressure, lack of water and fuel level; it is also fitted with a timer to program the irrigation time. All this allows you to work accurately, in safety and without waste. Pulley arm to move the vacuum unit. Protection grid according to EEC rules of safe working.

Mortorized clutch unit

Dolly motorized clutch units for farming. Ideal for moving vertical pumps, bare axis pumps, dry kilns, mills and oil mills. They can be customized according to the customer’s needs, with engines from 120 to 520 HP. Carriage with tank capacity ranging from 540 to 700 lt. “Elcos” control gearcase for an accurate and secure work. Protection grids according to CEE specification for your safe work.

Cold Storage

Cold storage for pig farms and poultry
Refrigerators for preserving fruits and vegetables